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Dental Crowns in Laguna Hills, CA

What Is There to Know About Dental Crowns in Laguna Hills, CA?

Dental crowns are something you might normally associate with adults and the needs of aging adult teeth. But did you know that dental crowns are also an option for children and their primary (baby) teeth?

These little tooth-shaped coverings are cemented onto your child's tooth so that the tooth can be restored to its natural functioning and appearance. A damaged primary tooth still requires repairs and restoration using dental crowns (sometimes referred to as caps).

Let's talk about how your child can benefit from getting dental caps from Dr Azi Ardakani here at Little Heroes of Orange County Pediatric Dentistry in Laguna Hills, CA.

What Different Types of Pediatric Crowns Are There?

You might be wondering "What different types of pediatric crowns are there?" To answer your question, there are four types commonly used for primary teeth. The first type is stainless steel crowns. They have been used in dentistry for well over 50 years and can be custom-fit to any tooth. What's more, they're handy when there is decay between teeth.

Another type is strip crowns. They are a clear shell containing tooth-colored filling. These are fitted over the tooth as an anchor. They're aesthetically pleasing since they look so natural.

The third type - veneered steel crowns - are stainless steel/nickel crowns with tooth-colored bonding material on the top, sides, and front. The downside is that they can cause allergic reactions in children with metal allergies. But they are very durable and look natural.

Finally, there are white dental crowns. They're made from a ceramic-like, tooth-colored material and are free from metal. They're the most natural-looking option, and they're resistant to plaque build-up and decay.

What Is There to Know About Dental Crowns and the Procedure?

Getting dental crowns involves a few basic steps. A numbing agent will be used on the gums and cheek surrounding the affected tooth. A local anesthetic will then be injected to numb the tooth. If your child has a lot of anxiety, they might require conscious sedation.

The dental dam then gets put on, which acts as a protective agent. Your dentist will remove decay before placing the crown.

Dental crowns are meant to look as natural as possible. They look perfectly fine on young children who still have their primary teeth. No one should be able to tell the difference between the crowns and your child's natural teeth.

So, are crowns really necessary for baby teeth? Yes, they are. The process of placing dental crowns on primary teeth is actually quite easy and is commonly done for children. Accidents happen. Cavities develop. When they do, it is important to preserve any tooth - primary or secondary - so that it can function as it needs to.

After your child gets dental crowns put on by Dr. Azi, they will be able to eat and drink. It isn't a procedure that is painful, but your child could experience a little discomfort afterward. You might need to administer children's acetaminophen or ibuprofen at the recommended dosage.

If you are wondering, "do dental crowns look okay on young kids?" you're in luck. Don't hesitate to get dental crowns put on your child's teeth if they are necessary. Here at Little Heroes in Laguna Hills, CA, our team of dentists can address your child's needs and come up with the right treatment plan. Contact us today to set up an appointment so that we can get your child's smile shining bright.