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Durable Sports Guards and Spacers for Children in Laguna Hills, CA

Spacers are used and placed when a child loses a baby tooth to trauma or extraction, and there is still time left before the adult version of that tooth erupts. Spacers keep the empty spot open to save room for the permanent teeth that will erupt so other side teeth won’t merge and close the room saved.

Also, using a mouth guard is essential to ensure their teeth remain safe when kids are playing in high impact sports. At Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry, we have durable mouth guards to maintain the quality of your children’s teeth. Here’s what you need to know about them.

What Are Sports Guards?

Sports guards are a type of mouthguard specifically made for sports. They are durable and easily fit your child’s teeth. It’s worn during training or an actual game. Dental trauma may easily occur during sports. Children may accidentally bite their teeth too hard, run into something or even someone. Each of these instances can lead to serious dental problems down the line.

Using a mouthguard can keep their teeth and gums from injury. It protects them by giving them a cushion to bite into. It takes up any impact that may be done to your child’s face. It can also help them if they grind their teeth during a game.

What Are Spacers?

Spacers are similar to sports guards. In the event that they lose their primary teeth before their adult teeth emerge, they need spacers to ensure their adult teeth can grow correctly and in the right spot.

The mouth relies on an intricate system of pressure and space. When this is interrupted due to a missing tooth, the pressure of the various teeth around the space can cause the gap to disappear and close. As a result, children may face overcrowding problems when growing their adult teeth. They may need to have some teeth removed. Braces may also be required if children want straight teeth.

Why Should Your Child Have Sports Guards and Spacers?

Leaving your child’s mouth unprotected can lead to serious oral problems later in life. A missing tooth can cause the rest of their teeth to shift unevenly. It may also make them more prone to cavities and gum disease or develop speech problems.

If you want your children’s teeth to remain healthy throughout their adult years, then taking preventative measures early is key.

Order Your Space Maintainers and Mouthguards in Laguna Hills, CA Today

Straight teeth can cause your child aesthetic joy and pride. It can also prevent cavities and other oral problems. Using mouthguards and space maintainers is a key part of protecting their growth. Contact our staff at Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry today for more information.