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Easy Pain Free Extractions

All You Need to Know About Easy Pain Free Tooth Extraction

A trip to the dentist is inevitable, whether you’re a child or an adult. Tooth fractures, deep decay, extreme sensitivity, and root canal failure are reasons that may call for tooth extraction, which entails dislodging a tooth from its root canal. Contrary to popular belief, modern tooth extraction is mostly pain free and is key in eliminating the pain caused by the affected tooth. This guide covers all the important phases of the tooth removal services we offer at Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry of Orange County, from examination to extraction.

Pain Free Tooth Extraction Explained

Before the extraction process, our dentist Dr. Ardakani performs an X-ray examination of the area surrounding the tooth to facilitate its safe removal while minimizing harm to nearby oral tissues. She relies on the information from the X-ray report to accurately determine the location of the affected tooth relative to nerves and sinuses and to single out any bone infections.

Severe tooth pain, discoloration, swelling, and pus around an emerging tooth are early warning signs that your child may need a dental checkup. Wisdom teeth are particularly sensitive because they can erupt independently and frequently grow in at an angle. Whenever your child experiences any of the above symptoms, promptly contact Dr. Ardakani at Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry for a checkup and correction.

Numbing and Sedation During Tooth Extraction

Once Dr. Ardakani has analyzed the underlying tooth structures, the next step is often the sedation process. This process entails numbing the areas around the tooth, gum, and mouth using an anesthetic to guarantee a painless experience for your child during and after the extraction procedure.

Dr. Ardakani will always check to make sure the affected tooth area is adequately numbed. She’ll ask your child if there’s sensitivity even after the sedation process, so she can apply more anesthetic before extraction begins.

Tooth Extraction Process

Pain free tooth extraction process is carried out using dental forceps. Dr. Ardakani uses forceps to tilt the affected tooth in its canal. A light force is applied to loosen the gums around the infected tooth. In place of forceps, elevators are applied to push the decayed tooth from the bottom to the top with minimal sideways movements. This option is considered safer because it avoids breaks and does not leave any residual fragments.

Led by Dr. Azi Ardakani, our caring team at Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry of Orange County are well equipped to perform pain free tooth extractions and address all your child’s dental needs. Call us today to book an appointment for your child in Laguna Hills, CA, or to ask any questions you may have. We can’t wait to meet you and your child.