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What to Expect When Your Child Has Extractions Done at Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry

Extractions are common as children grow and their teeth start to crowd one another in their mouths. Teeth that show severe signs of decay are also likely to be removed by a dentist to make room for adult teeth to grow in. If the extraction of a permanent tooth is required, the dental professional offers you and your child a range of options that ultimately preserves their smile.

Why Extractions Are Necessary

Often, there is no other choice but to extract a child’s tooth. It may be too damaged to repair. It could cause painful crowding to occur, which can lead to problems with biting and chewing if not addressed. It may be the source of a dental infection or be an issue due to periodontal disease.

Although our dentists will attempt to save the tooth, the stark reality is that many teeth aren’t salvageable. Our dentists must make an extraction to prevent the infection from spreading or the teeth from continuing to grow crookedly. It’s a procedure that they can do in our office with the child going home the same day. An extraction doesn’t interfere with daily activities except for eating and drinking briefly.

What Takes Place During Simple Extractions

Extracting a tooth is a multi-step process beginning with an X-ray of the child’s mouth. Once completed, our dentists identify the damaged tooth and administer local anesthesia. While the child relaxes, they extract the tooth and stitch the gums to prevent excessive bleeding. They then give you a list of instructions to assist your kid with so that they can heal quickly.

Now that you know what the process of extracting teeth officially entails, you and your child can prepare for the procedure. You can ready yourselves by paying close attention to the instructions given to you by our dentists. Doing so ensures that the gums heal correctly, and there is less chance of infection occurring after the extraction.

Who to Call When Your Child Needs Extractions Done

Contact Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry for more information about simple extractions today. Call 949-342-1484 with your request for an appointment. Your child is in excellent hands at our dentistry and under the watchful eyes of our dentists, Dr. Azi Ardakani, DDS, and Dr. Rakhee Mody, DMD.

We provide a fun and safe atmosphere for our patients to have extractions done. It is our goal to preserve the natural beauty of each child’s smile. Through our many dental services such as simple extractions, we’re able to do that. Extracting teeth can enhance a kid’s self-esteem, improve how they speak, and reduce the amount of pain they feel when they bite down on food. Contact us today, so we can help improve your child’s smile.