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Laser Frenectomy in Laguna Hills, CA

Tongue-tie or ankyloglossia is surprisingly a common condition that makes it difficult
for infants to breastfeed, toddlers and young children to have correct word
pronunciation, and also can increases the risk of tooth decay later in life. Get in touch
with us today to find out how laser frenectomy in Laguna Hills can be done quick and
pain-free to protect your youngster’s oral health.

What Is Laser Frenectomy?

Laser frenectomy or frenotomy is a corrective procedure that releases congenital soft-tissue attachment, commonly referred to as tongue-tie. When an infant’s tongue or lip is “tied,” either the tongue or the upper lip is too tight for comfortable and functional movement. Early in life, ankyloglossia makes itself known by preventing newborns from proper latching while nursing.

With laser frenectomy in Laguna Hills, it’s possible to separate these soft tissues to improved lip and tongue function. Post-treatment, babies can easily latch on and breastfeed, and young children can gain mobility in their lips and tongues. Best of all, by using advanced laser technology, we’re able to deliver a procedure that causes absolutely no bleeding and minimize discomfort.

How to Know If Laser Frenectomy Is Right for Your Child

If you suspect your infant has tongue-tie, you can consult with your lactation specialist or your pediatrician. Many times, these professionals refer parents to us when babies struggle to latch on. Ankyloglossia is also something that we can identify during any dental checkup. It is never too late to have tongue-tie corrected. Even after the breastfeeding age, ankyloglossia can still cause speech and dental problems.

What Are the Benefits of Laser Frenectomy?

Ankyloglossia or tongue-tie can also have a progressive and widespread impact on both a person’s oral health and their life quality. During infancy, tongue-tie can make it difficult for babies to breastfeed and can ultimately impact their nutrition and growth rate. As babies grow older and their teeth come in, this condition can increase the risk of tooth decay. In toddlers and younger children, tongue and lip tie may impact speech and ability to correctly pronounce word and sounds. Having ankyloglossia treated, will prevent these problems in young children and minimize their impact in teens.

If you live in or near Laguna Hills, CA, and have a child who’s experiencing any of the complications associated with ankyloglossia, we can help. At Little Heroes, we’re proud to offer a solution to this problem that takes mere minutes to perform, doesn’t cause any bleeding, and creates little to no discomfort. Not only is this an excellent treatment for infants who are struggling with breastfeeding, but it’s also great for toddlers and teens. Call us today to schedule a consultation appointment and to learn more about how this treatment can benefit your child.