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Digital X-Rays Technology in Laguna Hills, CA

Dental X-rays are always an essential component of a patient’s treatment. Find out how our digital X-rays technology in Laguna Hills, CA, can make your child’s dental treatment safer, more effective, and easier.

What Are Digital X-Rays?

For more than a century, X-ray technology has been a diagnostic tool in the medical and dental industries. However, throughout the years, both X-ray equipment and the overall safety of using this equipment have vastly improved.

At Little Heroes, we use cutting-edge digital X-ray technology for a faster and far more comfortable diagnostic experience. With reduced radiation and reduced overall exposure, digital rays are far safer than traditional methods. Also known as digital radiography, our imaging services are perfect for young patients as they cut down treatment times as they provide a much higher level of accuracy.

How Are Digital X-Rays Better Than Other Forms of Dental Diagnostic Imaging?

Compared to traditional dental X-rays, digital X-rays are far safer for human body and healthier for our natural environment. Unlike traditional X-rays, digital radiographs do not require film or film development, and thus, no environmental waste is produced.

Moreover, because there are far fewer resources needed for processing, these X-rays also allow for significantly shorter developing times. The images that are needed to inform treatment decisions are ready in mere seconds. This means that dental treatment plans can be analyzed and reviewed right away. Best of all, our dentists will have access to a far higher quality of images and the ability to instantly enlarge image sizes for in-depth investigation.

Should My Child Get Digital X-Rays in Laguna Hills, CA?

With digital X-rays, your child’s exposure to radiation can be reduced by as much as 80 to 90%. Moreover, the results will be available in seconds. This makes office visits far shorter for young patients and far easier to manage all-around. Our dentists can additionally look at the fine details of your child’s X-rays with quick and easy image enhancement. Because of this, even minor and still-developing oral health issues can be diagnosed and treated right away.

At Little Heroes, we offer comprehensive dental care for young patients. Not only are we committed to helping children achieve and maintain optimum oral health, but we also work hard to keep them safe, comfortable and happy along the way. Our digital X-rays make visits shorter and easier.

We do not require xrays on every single patient. The need to take xrays depend on the visibility of all surfaces of the teeth and the need to diagnose depth of cavitations, or location of hard tissues in head and oral cavity. By using digital xrays, we also limit radiation exposure and allow our dentists to make correct and definitive early diagnoses. As result, we can ensure that even small issues will be identified and corrected early on.

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