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High-Quality Fillings for Children in Laguna Hills, CA

Cavities are common among children. With easy access to sweets and little interest in oral hygiene, your children may eventually find that they’re suffering from cavities in their mouths. Our office can help you with that. We offer silver-free fillings for all of our patients. Here’s what you need to know about our fillings in Laguna Hills, CA.

What Are Silver-Free Fillings?

Traditional fillings use some kind of metal to fill cleaned out spaces that had formed a cavity. Some parents steer away from that type of filling because they are concerned about metal leaking into their children’s bodies over the years. It’s even possible that the metal may break off during an injury or because of wear and tear.

We offer a better solution, silver-free fillings. This type is tooth-colored instead and doesn’t use metal. It’s an ideal choice for parents who don’t want their children to have metal in their mouth. It may also boost their self esteem. As they age, children may start to feel more anxious about the filling on their tooth if it’s made of metal in a different color.

A tooth-colored filling eliminates this issue. Children can feel confident about their teeth because they look natural.

Are Fillings Necessary for Children’s Teeth?

Placement of a filling is required when your child’s tooth is cavitated and the level of cavitation is confirmed visual or via x-ray. After removing the cavitated surface, the filling fills up the area and keeps bacteria away from accessing the interior of the tooth. It’s a vital part of keeping children’s teeth healthy and strong for the rest of their life.

Silver-free fillings are ideal because they require less dental structure removal around the tooth than those made of metal. This makes the service quicker and more efficient.

If a tooth-colored filling fractures, it doesn’t pose a threat to the body. It can also be easily repaired or replaced. Fillings are necessary to keep your child’s caries from spreading.

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