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Extractions in Laguna Niguel, CA

The Benefits of Tooth Extractions in Laguna Niguel

At Little heroes, we try to use preventative oral healthcare to protect the teeth of our young patients. Dr. Azi Ardakani will use extractions at times when the use of other treatments has been exhausted. Dr. Ardakani is a respected pediatric dentist who understands the benefits of extracting a tooth in Laguna Niguel.

Why Explore Tooth Extractions Near me?

Our Little Heroes office is equipped to deal with the oral health needs of your family. There are times when your child needs a tooth removed for the good of their oral health. The times when removing a tooth is the best option include:

  • An infection under the tooth
  • A large cavity in a baby tooth
  • A crowded smile

Extractions Relieve Pain

Tooth extractions at Little Heroes are completed under some circumstances. One of the main reasons for extraction is an abscess under the tooth or a large cavity. Both of these problems can cause your child pain and suffering. Treating an infection will result in short-term relief. Removing the tooth entirely is the best option for eliminating pain.

Tooth Extractions Make Space for an Orthodontist

When the baby teeth of your child are falling out to leave room for the arrival of the permanent teeth, bite and smile issues can be identified. Our orthodontist will sometimes recommend the removal of some baby teeth to stop the problem of overcrowding. Tooth extractions lay an important role in preparing children for orthodontist treatments, such as braces and clear plastic trays.

Large Cavities Lead to Tooth Extractions

Children do not always stick to the oral hygiene routine we would like them to. At Little Heroes, Dr. Ardakani encourages children to eat a healthy diet and look after their teeth. Cavities are a part of life for many families, with pain when eating and drinking a common symptom. Large cavities in baby teeth cannot always be filled, leaving to an extraction to avoid decay in the erupting permanent teeth.

Tooth Extractions Remove Baby Teeth

Your child's baby teeth fall out between the ages of nine and 12. Some of our patients have problems with teeth that will not fall out. Bacteria can become a problem when your child's teeth will not fall out on schedule. Extractions are an option Dr. Ardakani will explore to remove stubborn baby teeth.

Tooth extractions are a part of the oral health program for some patients at Little Heroes. Call our office in Laguna Niguel today to discuss your oral health concerns with Dr. Ardakani.