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Dental Sealants in Laguna Hills, CA

Protect Your Child's Teeth With Dental Sealants

Are you looking for extra protection for your child's teeth? Then you may have searched for "dental sealants near me." Here at Little Heroes, we are dedicated to providing the best care to ensure your child has teeth at their optimal health.

One of the best ways to add protection to teeth is with the help of dental sealants. Read on to learn what sealants for children are, whether your child is eligible, and how sealants work.

What Are Sealants for Children?

While brushing and flossing is certainly the best option when it comes to protecting the health of your child's teeth, sealants serve as an added layer of protection that can aid in preserving them.

Sealants are a thin coating applied to the chewing surfaces of the back teeth (molars). When done correctly, sealants can help prevent tooth decay for many years.

In fact, covering your child's chewing surfaces with sealants means that they can better combat germs and food. As a result, children can better protect their teeth from 80% of cavities for two years and protection against 50% of cavities after four years.

Is My Child Eligible?

Have you been looking for "Dental sealants?" Then you may be wondering whether your child is eligible for this dental treatment. Eligibility will depend on a few factors.

For instance, your child must have their permanent premolars and molars developed. It's important to note that sometimes toddlers are eligible for sealants as well. However, this is only if the toddler's teeth contain deep grooves and depressions.

How Does the Process Work?

The sealing process is actually quite simple and painless. In fact, even children with dental anxiety shouldn't find the treatment to be troublesome.

The process to apply a sealant to your child's teeth should roughly take 20 to 40 minutes and there is no downtime.

First, your child's teeth will thoroughly be cleaned to prep them for sealing. Cleaning will be done using a paste and rotating brush. Each tooth will be washed under water and carefully dried using cotton.

Once this process is done, an acidic solution is placed on your child's chewing surfaces for a few minutes. This solution will help roughen the teeth and prepare them to bond to the sealant.

Lastly, the teeth are rinsed and dried before applying the liquid sealant. The sealant will harden with the help of a UV light.

Protect Your Child's Teeth Today

Have you been looking for "dental sealants?" Here at Little Heroes in Laguna Hills, California, we are proud to serve children in the area.

Dental sealants can provide your child with an extra layer of protection to promote optimal oral health. What's even better is that this treatment is painless, simple, and offers long-term protection for your child's oral health. Schedule an appointment with us today.