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Pediatric Sedation Dentistry

Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry offers thoughtful ways to encourage young patients to develop good oral hygiene habits. These include using tooth sealants to help prevent cavities and providing tips to educate younger patients about the value of persistent dental care and visiting the dentist regularly.

Pediatric Sedation Dentist Near Me

Finding a pediatric sedation dentist is simple if you live or work in the Laguna Hills area of California where Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry is located. Dr. Ardakani is a specialist in using laughing gas to sedate young patients and making them comfortable.

Children are often resistant to dental services, and they especially fear needles that are used to deliver local anesthetics to dental patients. Babies and toddlers often become intractable—especially if they’re experiencing any dental pain or discomfort. Using laughing gas calms children who actively resist any necessary dental treatments because of stress, fear of pain and general anxiety of visiting a medical professional.

How a Pediatric Sedation Dentist Near Me Works

At Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry, our staff members actively take on the role of enthusiastic cheerleaders while Dr. Ardakani performs his magic. He uses one of three types of sedation when indicated:

  • Mild oral sedation: Taking a mild sedative before treatment is often all that’s needed. Taken on an empty stomach, this option relaxes patients quickly.
  • Nitrous oxide: Known as laughing gas, this type of sedation is taken while wearing a mask. The gas relaxes patients completely, and a local anesthetic is used to prevent any pain during the dental procedure.
  • IV sedation: This option is chosen for complex procedures and oral surgery, and the anesthesia is carefully monitored by a trained staff member while Dr. Ardakani works.

The Benefits of a Pediatric Sedation Dentist

The benefits of sedating pediatric patients include learning to relax in stressful situations and trusting medical professionals. Other benefits of Dr. Ardakani’s philosophy of treating his younger patients include:

  • Overcoming phobias by addressing them directly
  • Educating even small children about the importance of good oral hygiene
  • Cost-effective treatment
  • Expansion of Dr. Ardakani’s ability to treat more patients in less time
  • Ideal approach for patients with special needs
  • Sedation approach that also relaxes the gag reflex so susceptible children don’t choke, gag or vomit
  • Better treatment quality when patients don’t resist

Using sedation for younger patients might become unnecessary as the child ages and comes to trust Dr. Ardakani. The psychological benefits of using a pediatric sedation dentist like Dr. Ardakani applies both to the child and their parents. Sedation also benefits Dr. Ardakani who can focus his full attention on the dental procedure without interruptions or resistance.

Scheduling a Pediatric Sedation Dentist Near Me

You can schedule a pediatric sedation session by calling us, or make an appointment online.